About Us

Hermes Investment Group is a start-up holding company and commercialization center.  The strategy is to cultivate technology-based companies and late-stage research and development projects through business innovation.  HIG utilizes public and private funding structures to venture finance deals through the incubation period towards various growth stages for subsequent investment partners.


HIG operates and manages Digitech Venture Capital Fund, HIG PIPE Fund I, IEC Labs, serves as Venture Partner for Climate Impact Capital and partners with various university, municipal and private incubators/accelerators, along with national labs and research facilities.  The mission is to develop businesses within the energy, healthcare and information technology sectors.  Companies are primarily technology driven with patents, intellectual property or other innovative concepts wherein HIG team members then leverage core technology applications with business operational strategies.


HIG focuses on a strategic investment and active portfolio management style to maximize medium to long-term value chain growth.  This includes working with accredited investors, other funds and venture arms of private and public corporations to maximize vertical integration synergies.


Most often, HIG is tasked to fulfill missing components of existing entities towards a critical mass and evolution in the existing business model.  If you feel that your idea is a game changing technology, practice or concept for existing or future markets, please Contact Us directly or Submit a Plan and Hermes will review and respond in a timely fashion with feedback.