Hermes Investment Group focuses on three main project categories:


Venture Finance team members make direct angel to seed investments primarily in science and technology-based  opportunities.  Historically HIG invests in startups associated with seed accelerators, incubators, universities, national labs and commercialization hubs.  We largely partner and invest just prior to the business plan formation where we can leverage our business expertise and network to commercialize science, technology and other innovative concepts.


Business Development team members work closely with HIG’s Venture Finance partners to closely manage current portfolio investments and act as active board members, directors and advisers to plan and execute corporate growth strategies.


Fundraising members act as venture partners of HIG and usually work within private wealth firms, family funds, institutional investors.  The goal is to align investment strategies with the Hermes network of venture capital, private equity and opportunity funds.  The objective is to identify limited partners for a range of investment opportunities across various economic scenarios and regions to effectively commercialize HIG’s core science and technology portfolio.


HIG invites prospective partners to Submit a Plan based on the aforementioned project categories or Contact Us directly for further inquiries such as our current portfolio of investments, active board roles or a sample of our fundraising initiatives.