Hermes Investment Group projects focus on the following technology divisions:


  • Energy – HIG’s energy division covers a range of technology innovations from clean technology to energy efficient software applications.  While the energy group does review projects in the traditional oil and gas segment, the strategy is to create cleaner conventional energy sources that optimize fossil fuels and more importantly leverage advances in renewable energy technology.  Given many of core team members are from the energy capital Houston Texas, our forward looking investment targets cover a range of innovative energy projects.


  • Healthcare – Health and wellness is a major focus for the next series of funds and investment projects for HIG.  The subdivisions largely fall in the healthcare IT, life sciences, biofeedback and biotechnology segments.  HIG fully utilizes its proximity to the Texas Medial Center, Rice Alliance and NASA to leverage cutting edge projects ready for commercial testing in the numerous health centers in Houston.


  • Information Technology – HIG IT teams cover the core energy and healthcare divisions, but also scout projects in communications, prepackaged software (a.k.a. apps), platform/software as a service, mobile and social networks and utility applications.


HIG realizes that these divisions do not cover all potential investment project categories and considers other compelling sectors on a case by case scenario.  If you feel you have an innovative technology division that does not fit in our core project focus, please feel free to Submit a Plan or Contact Us directly.